What does a corporate training policy look like?

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Statement of Commitment

COMPANY NAME is committed to the continuous training and development of its employees, both in the area of job related skills training and lifelong learning for personal development. COMPANY NAME’s employees are one if our greatest assets and helping them to develop is crucial to the achievement of the organization’s goals. All training practices and procedures will endeavor to support individuals to strive to achieve these goals.

In order to ensure that training activities support both the individual and organization’s objectives and are cost-effective, all training activity will be planned and monitored in conjunction with the Personnel Department who will hold the training and development budget and will coincide with the specifics of this corporate training policy. Training needs will be analyzed in a number of ways as set out below. A record of training will be held for each individual employee.

The Training and Development strategy will be focused on creating a motivated workforce, which is capable of meeting new challenges, is skilled and competent in all aspects, and will tie in with COMPANY NAME’s objectives, both short and long-term. Reimbursement and approval of training will depend upon the type of training that COMPANY NAME considers the employee to be pursuing, whether it is professional development, or personal development.

Professional Development

Professional Development is identified as training needs which are identified as a means of an employee being enabled to improve their performance, their development as a professional within the organization, or as a means of their retaining and developing key skills and competencies.

From time to time training needs may be identified as a result of a corporate change; which will affect everyone within the organization, and this will come under the same category.

Personal Development

This includes a course of study, which an individual undertakes, normally in their own time, which may improve their academic qualifications or give them an additional skill and/or improve their future employment prospects. This should relate to the type of work they do within the organization.

Training Budget

The training budget will be allocated at the beginning of each financial year in accordance with training needs identified in conjunction with appraisals and the organization’s objectives for the forthcoming year. The corporate training plan will be reviewed annually and the budget allocated accordingly. The sum available for personal development may vary from year to year depending on Corporate training needs; which will take priority.

Identification of Training Needs

Job-related training needs will be identified at a number of stages:

•At recruitment stage – any immediate training needs will be identified and discussed by the approving manager, and will be organized during the first three months of employment wherever possible.

•During the employee’s induction when the approving manager and employee are setting initial targets and objectives.

•At appraisal when training needs will be identified with the following year’s objectives and will tie in with the corporate plan and/or any anticipated corporate change or projects to ensure competency and skill levels.

•When an employee is promoted or given additional responsibility either on a temporary or permanent basis, or being given responsibility for a particular project.

Personal development needs will be identified by the individual concerned and could include a course of study or activity which would give an individual greater understanding of COMPANY NAME’s involvements and activities. COMPANY NAME may contribute to personal development by:

•Contributing to the cost of the course or essential materials

•Allowing the employee study leave

Personal development needs should be discussed with and approved by the employee’s approving manager and company manager before a request for funding is made.


A training record will be set up for each employee and held in the personnel file. Training records will be kept in employees personnel files for all corporate training, whether in-house or external and on personal development. The information will include details on course content, cost and purpose of the training.

Reimbursement Policies

Reimbursement shall be warranted for all training as specified according to the following chart.

Professional Development

Maximum Training Costs Determined by Length of Employment

*0-6 Months of Employment, $500 Maximum

*6-12 Months of Employment, $1500 Maximum

*12-18 Months of Employment, $3000 Maximum

*18-24 Months of Employment, $5000 Maximum

*24+ Months of Employment, $7000 Maximum

Personal Development

Maximum Training Costs Determined by Length of Employment

*0-6 Months of Employment, $250 Maximum

*6-12 Months of Employment, $750 Maximum

*12-18 Months of Employment, $1500 Maximum

*18-24 Months of Employment, $2500 Maximum

*24+ Months of Employment, $3500 Maximum

Any dollar amount spent by COMPANY NAME above the allowed annual maximum for training or education will be repaid by the employee should the employee no longer work with or for COMPANY NAME.

Training will be considered on a case-by-case basis, is not guaranteed to be approved, and shall only be approved based on the financial assessment, training budget, and organizational needs of COMPANY NAME for the given year.

Corporate Training Policy Agreement

I, (employee), understand that all training and education that is paid for by COMPANY NAME is subject to the aforementioned terms and conditions. I, (employee), understand the conditions as here set forth and do so agree to reimburse COMPANY NAME for any training or education that I have acquired and that amounts to more than the time frame that I have worked with COMPANY NAME allows.

Requested Training/Education Information

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