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360 degree feedback program is an assessment tool that allows assessment of an employee by his peer, supervisor(s), and managers and by himself in terms of behavior and performance. 360 degree feedback can also be referred as Multi-rater feedback, multi- source assessment, or multi-resource feedback.

How it works in a retail environment.

360 degree feedback programs work in survey data collection, analysis and report writing system. For example a supervisor may direct his peers, employees and his immediate manager to complete a given survey giving their honest opinion about his behavior and performance rating at work. He too fills the same survey, rating him. After which the ratings are averaged and comprehensive report is compiled. The supervisor is then coached through the report for him to gain a thorough understanding of what his colleagues think of his behavior and performance at work. Lastly, the coach, his manager and supervisor will develop a plan on how he will improve his behavior and performance at work.

Benefits of 360 degree feedback in the retail environment

The adoption of 360 degree feedback by many retail managers like store manager, general manager, departmental heads among others have resulted in realization of tremendous benefits associated with this assessment tool. These include:

Executive Appraisal

It has always been assumed that the success or failure a company automatically indicates the effectiveness of the senior executives. This could be true to some extent. However, a lot could be achieved by allowing your colleagues, employees and your boss to give a genuine 360 degree feedback without fear of reprisal. It gives room for improvement from being good to an excellent performer with admirable behavior. An anonymous review is the best while conducting executive appraisal because it will encourage honesty while giving feedback.

Relationship and Trust

360 degree feedback has been realized to build trust among the employees and their managers hence creating good work relations. After the appraisal, the team tends to work together in order to build each others strengths .They devote themselves to honesty always working to uplift each others performance. The resulting outcome is an effective organization.

Perspective and impact

Since 360 degree feedback program is an all round assessment, it will give a comprehensive result that includes all perspectives. For example, your supervisor will assess you in terms of your performance output, your co-workers will you assess in terms of pleasantness, and your junior staffs will judge you in terms of fairness. All these different perspectives in judgment will provide a more conclusive analysis hence 360 degree feedback analysis is not skewed in any way. Actually this results in a more meaningful appraisal.

Job Satisfaction

The fact that employees are involved in the 360 degree feedback makes them feel valued. They often give their honest opinions of the desired behavior change deemed necessary for their supervisors. As their supervisors read their appraisal and makes necessary adjustments, the work environment becomes favorable to the managers, supervisors and the employees enjoy job satisfaction and long term employee loyalty.

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