What are the new trends with Work Management in HR ?

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Work Management is quickly becoming a trend in the work place and becoming essential to HR departments. Work Management in HR makes it easier for employees to collaborate, socialize, get tasks done productively, and efficiently. This makes managers especially happy because now they can check on employees work without appearing to be always looking over their shoulders.

The software being developed is intertwining the usual social networking tools that employees, especially the Millennials have grown accustomed to. Not only are these new software beneficial to HR departments but they are beneficial to businesses as well. With these new trends it allows for better cohesiveness of the work place, from the head of the company to the employees.

So what are the trends in software we speak of, well according to Human Resources Executive Online, most of the technology trends will be coming from companies such as, Rypple, which has actually being brought by Salesforce.com, Workday, SAP, and 4 Spires. These companies are leading the way in new Work Management technology that HR departments are lining up to implement in the work place.

Rypple is a social performance management system that caters to the Millennials now in the workforce. By relying on a social networking background, it allows workers to make, assign goals, and collaborate to reach them. It creates conversations that allow workers to communicate, and back up chats saved for the convenience of managers to track work performances. With Rypple's modern approach, when goals are reached, workers get praise from co-workers and badges from the system. With the software workers will gain notoriety, and the feeling of teamwork that will only make work a lot easier for managers and executives.

Workday just like Rypple and other work management software is based around a social platform that allows users to communicate, reject and approve requests. As with all software each conversation and decision is tracked for management and based on a top-down approach that allows management to have control over who can access what on the system. The difference between Rypple and Workday is that in order to reach goals workers must complete a multitude of tasks and projects.

SAP, had the biggest reaction and probably has most of the HR community excited because the software is almost a twin of Facebook. As with the Facebook markup, the software gives you a page where you can import personal information such as LinkedIn accounts, Twitter accounts, and of course Facebook. It wouldn't be an identical if the page also didn't have a place where people can leave and view comments on the worker's page and other familiarities. As stated in the article this software is specifically designed for the worker and not the manager. It allows for the worker to plan, organize, and share their work. Which allows for feedback and collaboration. Managers are still kept in the loop with ratings, rankings, and notifications tracking each workers goal productions.

4 Spires is ahead of the trend with the creator calling it, "managing conversations." As like with the other software it allows work and conversations to be tracked and monitored through a email like program. It started with the manager sending a request to workers to complete a project. Within the system it allows for each party to collaborate and come to an agreement where they accept the assignment. The system tracks each conversation, and allows for workers to commit to other workers and see progress that each has done. At the end the management will have a record of performance management from each worker, with displays and pretty graphs that outlines every thing the manager needs to know without having to look over their shoulder.

It isn't just these few companies that is moving in on the HR software trend. Work Management in HR is important to Microsoft that just acquired social networking tool Yammer, that they will integrate into their major systems including Skype and Office 365. So many more companies are seeing that work management is important if they want to get with the times and have a more productive workplace.

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