How do I stop my troubles with communication with my co-workers and family members?

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How do I find a way to communicate with my co-workers and family members? You may ask If you are having troubles with communication in your everyday lifestyle, including your work and personal trials for communicating here is some incite for your situations. The key to communication is understanding the basics of communication. We need to remember that communication is a complex process and although it seems as simple as sending and receiving a message we have to take account for other barriers that may affect the way our messages are processed. Like with our co-workers it's important that when trying to communicate with them you take into account the person you are talking to, their back ground and education. It's important to make sure you word your message in a way the person you are trying to give the message to can understand. For instance if your speaking with someone who has a lower education level try using words that they can understand rather than throwing out 10 dollar words that only someone with a college education could properly comprehend. In a situation with family members we try and focus on the boundaries that are unavoidable like the barrier of age and power between a child and their parent. We wonder why our messages are not being heard, and we think the answer is that we simply need to communicate more. However more is not always the answer, we need to communicate differently. If every time you try talking about something it starts an argument we need to find a way to approach the situation differently. For example try changing the environment where you began to have the conversation make it a safe zone and make sure both parties are prepared to hear the other person’s message before judging and denying everything the person has to say. Having proper communication takes work. In every situation of communication no matter how much it seems to lack in importance there will always be other factors that add to the conversation. It's also incredibly important to remember that as humans we cannot, not communicate. In fact 55 % of what we perceive when having a conversation comes from non-verbal actions such as facial expressions and body language. It's important to take into account our own body language when having conversations with others. Keeping eye contact is an incredibly easy action that can improve your ability to both send and receive a message with more understanding than if your eyes were wondering off focusing on other distractions or barriers. Being aware of some barriers that are common in communications allows us to farther our ability to maintain stable relationships with our co-workers, friends and families. Some of these barriers consist of the way we take the context of the message were receiving sometimes things like semantics get in our way. Which is also known as when two people are hearing the same message or words but feel different meanings towards what they hear, due to personal experience with the subject. Semantics can easily make someone misinterpret the message we are trying to send. There are also many other forms of barriers some including, physiological and psychological and physical interferences. So the main focus we need to have when communicating is that communication is complex. There will always be distractions and differences with every situation and if we learn to make ourselves more aware of our surroundings and the person in which we are trying to have the conversation with our ability to communicate will become a lot easier to understand and consist of fewer misinterpretations. Hopefully this has helped you see that with a little extra effort you can lesson your “troubles with communication."

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