How much does a bad boss and difficult people contribute to a demotivating work culture?

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Ever wondered why you hate looking forward to a Monday while you are at the best career phase in your life? Was it always this way? If not, be sure to take a few minutes to contemplate what exactly demotivates you from going to your office.

At some point in our lives, except for a fortunate few, we have all come across situations involving dismal work culture that leeches out our vibrant spirits. All successful organizations have a healthy work culture and a strong sense of business ethics that in turn result in a motivated, stress-free work environment for employees. But having a bad boss and difficult people or stubborn colleagues to deal with can be very intimidating as well as challenging. These directly gives birth to a demotivating work culture.

You can recognize such an environment by the lack of fun at work, monotonous drone of day-to-day activities and very less interaction between teams. If having constant conflicts and being treated unfairly are regular occurrence at the work place, these will further add to a demotivating work culture that will ultimately result in a stagnant growth, both for the employee and the organization. A bad boss can hurt your career and manipulate your growth in the company. Difficult people come in many varieties. Some will not listen and always want to have the last say. Some will not accept feedback while others are arrogant enough to believe they are always right.

There are couple of ways to avoid being demotivated while dealing with both your bad boss and difficult teammates. These may help you to improve personal satisfaction on the job you love and also ensures that your personal demeanor is intact. Here are few things to keep in mind:

1. Do not give up yet - No matter how bad you are treated, do not give an opportunity to your boss or others to point fingers at your work.

2. Keep your cool - Do not throw tantrums and lose your head over issues. For any situation, think before you respond or act. Be proactive and not reactive.

3. Be your own leader - Take few decisions on your own. Reduce dependency on the upper management as much as possible

4. Choose your battles - Separate the situation from the individual. Think if a confrontation is required or not. If a confrontation cannot be avoided, then make sure that you communicate in a professional and dignified manner.

4. Integrity hotline - Every successful enterprise has one of these. Use it if things get out of hand! If worse comes to worst and you have tried all possible ways to deal with a bad boss and difficult colleagues, you can resort to raising a grievance or a formal complaint. This of course will not make you a popular person. But believe that you are doing the right thing!

These are couple of tips that I have that could help improve your workplace for yourself. At the end of the day, it is crucial in such scenarios to be self-motivated and carry on. Last but not the least, learn from the experience and help build a better work culture for others who look up to you.

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